CAirPol Analyser

Monitors pollutants at ppm level


The core product of Cairpol is our sensor, Cairsens, and we build several integrated solutions around it, in order to address the various needs of air quality monitoring.

Supplier: Cairpol


  • simple, reliable, cost effective
  • ppb levels detection
  • Autonomous version (solar panel)
  • immediate operation

Able to monitor pollutants at very low levels of concentration (ppb-levels for most) with a 1-minute time frame while being calibration-free for a complete year, Cairsens delivers a highly reliable and accurate measurement (comparable to reference analyzers, with a +/-30% accuracy as stated by the European directive 2008/50/EC).


  • LCD display of the concentration of the measured pollutant
  • Internal data storage capacity: up to 1 year, depending on usage
  • Internal microprocessor for time and concentration calculations
  • Low battery indication

Product applications

  • Monitoring fugitive emission like odour on WWt plants,
  • Dynamic pollution mapping
  • Ambiant air pollution study
  • Indoor air quality measurement