Dryer air without CO2 adsorptionCO2-2000-0010

An ultra dry air for your gas network

Dryer air without CO2 adsorptionCO2-2000-0010

The adsorption air dryers provide dry air through technology Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA system) for NMR, AA, DTA, Rheometers, or upstream of nitrogen generators or air zero. 

Supplier: Ultrafilter


  • Patented PSA Technology
  • Complete purification unit
  • Incorporating pre / post filtration and drainage of condensates
  • Simplicity of installation

There are also air dryers without CO2 adsorption for TOC analyzers, purging or FT-IR microscopes.


  • Outlet air flow rate: 14 liters / min to 7 bar
  • Inlet air flow at 7 bar: 34 L / min
  • Regeneration air flow rate: 20 L / min
  • Air quality delivered: dew point -70 ° C, HCs <0.003 ppm; Particles <0.1 micron

Product applications

  • Compressed air network
  • FT-IR
  • CO2 analyzer