Dryer air Diaphragm SF0010

An ultra dry air for your gas network

Dryer air Diaphragm SF0010

The diaphragm air dryers operate on the principle of a bundle of microporous membranes and a series of filters, ideally designed to filter the compressed air upstream of zero air generators or other application requiring a low moisture content .

Supplier: Ultrafilter


  • Compact construction without CFC, PVC or silicone
  • Silent solution
  • No power supply
  • Large capillary diameter

Such a treatment ensures the protection of equipment whatever the quality of air delivered by the production plant.


  • Outlet air flow rate: 150.3 liters / min to 7 bar
  • Regeneration air flow rate: 10%
  • Dew point reduction from -20 ° C
  • Includes a cyclonic separator, an SMF submicrofilter and an activated carbon filter, a pressure reducer and an installation and fixing kit

Product applications

  • Compressed air network
  • Upstream of a zero air generator if the humidity is too high
  • Upstream of analytical instruments requiring low moisture content