Dryer air Refrigerant DC0035A

ideal downstream of compressor not lubricated

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The refrigeration air dryers operate on the principle of serving the cooling water after condensation, ideal downstream of compressor not lubricated or if need a nitrogen purity <99.5%.

Supplier: Ultrafilter


  • Optional wall brackets
  • Time controlled drain

it works on the principle of refrigeration. The compressed air passes through a pre-cooled heat exchanger or the temperature lowered to the dew point required. The moisture condenses, it is collected and purged automatically.


  • Loss of pressure: 0.15 bar
  • Noise level: < 70 dB (A)
  • Airflow Output: 35 m3 / h or 580 L / min
  • Dew point pressure: 3 ° C

Product applications

  • Compressed air network