Dryer air refrigerant DC0050A

ideal downstream of compressor not lubricated

Dryer air refrigerant DC0050A

The refrigeration air dryers operate on the principle of serving the cooling water after condensation, ideal downstream of compressor not lubricated or if need a nitrogen purity <99.5%.

Supplier: Ultrafilter


  • Energy savings up to 90%
  • No corrosion inside the heat
  • No compressed air losses

It works on the principle of refrigeration. The compressed air passes through a pre-cooled heat exchanger or the temperature lowered to the dew point required. The moisture condenses, it is collected and purged automatically.


  • Noise level: <70 dB (A)
  • Loss of pressure: 0.19 bar
  • Airflow Output: 50 m3 / h
  • Dew point pressure: 3 ° C

Product applications

  • Compressed air network