Air and Nitrogen generator model AB3G

Air and nitrogen generator, with integrated air compressors + standby compressor designed to supply all the ABSCIEX LCMS


The AB-3G Nitrogen Generator is designed specifically for use with the AB SCIEX Range of LC/MS instruments, up to and including the latest API5500.

Supplier: Peak


  • Low noise level, only 54dB
  • Gaz outlet: 3 x 1/4"
  • Compact and mobile

This Premium model offers safeguards that effectively deliver reassurance and confidence for critical functions. The generator model AB3G allow you to supply your AB SCIEX LCMS instrument for the exhaust, curtain and source gaz. This generator integrate a third standby compressor, witch guaranteed great performances in terms of reliability.


  • Curtain gaz (nitrogen): 12L/min
  • Source gaz (dry air): 24L/min
  • Exhaust gaz (dry air): 8L/min
  • Particules >0,01µ : none
  • Independant with air compressors integrated + standby compressor

Product applications