Air/nitrogen generator model GENIUS 3030

Specifically designed to supply 2 x ABSCIEX LCMS


The GENIUS 3030 self-contained generator is specifically designed to supply exhaust, source and curtain gas with two ABSCIEX LCMS

Supplier: Peak


  • Low noise level, only 54dB
  • Gaz outlet: 6 x 1/4"
  • Economical. More cost effective than any other gas supply method

The generator model GENIUS 3030 combines two individual systems able to produce air and nitrogen specifically adapted to supply two AB SCIEX LCMS. With integrated quiet compressors make it independent from in-house air supplies.


  • Curtain gaz (nitrogen): 2 x 12L/min
  • Source gaz (dry air): 2 x 24L/min
  • Exhaust gaz (dry air): 2 x 8L/min
  • Particules >0,01µ : none
  • Independant with air compressors integrated

Product applications