Oil-less Rocking Piston 85R-4P

The more quietest on the market!


The compact oil-free 85R-4P Jun-Air compressor is ultra-quiet (only 50 db), very convenient and easy to use. It is an ideal solution for your laboratory, your medical applications or test equipments, ...

Supplier: Jun-Air


  • Very quiet system
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy to use

The Jun-Air 85R-4P is 100% oil-free, with the oscillating pistons of the Gast technology, features a small footprint and is extremely quiet (only 50 decibels). Easy to use, it is ideal for laboratories, medical applications and test equipment, or any application that requires air clean and reliable compression while staying silent. Compact, portable and plug-&-play, this compressor is very easy to use.

This new compact compressor is designed for low maintenance and a long operating life. Filters replacement is not required before 2000 hours of operation and maintenance of the compressor system before 8000 hours. The device has a warranty of 2 year, and the tank with internal anti-corrosion coating itself being guaranteed for 5 five years.


  • 50 dB
  • Pressure up to 7 bar
  • Plug & play
  • Included rubber feet and castors
  • Automatic draining with evaporation tub

Product applications

  • Laboratory
  • Medical