Spiral oil free air compressor SF2P 272 10 bars

Reliable and smooth compressors, ideal for clean, oil free compressed air network

Spiral oil free air compressor SF2P 272 10 bars

Spirals air compressor able to supply a clean, oil free compressed network, compliant to the class 0 of the ISO 8573-1 (2001) norm.

Supplier: Atlas Copco


  • Compressor without huille compliant class 0 ISO8573-1
  • Central air super soundproof
  • Low maintenance

Spiral air compressors work with the rotation of a mobile spiral around a fixed spiral.The air penetrating in the motor is compressed by the mobile spiral movement and sent toward a tank. Finally, these compressors release a compressed air qualtity in compliance with the Class 0 of the ISO 8573-1 norm (2001 version).


  • Flow 20.5 m3 / H
  • Pressure output 8 or 10 bar
  • Many options available with or without tank, integrated dryer ..
  • Mounted on tank 270 liters, 500 liters tank optional

Product applications

  • Compressed air network
  • R and D laboratories
  • Medical