Masses Comparator Balances

Comparator Balances from 0.1 µg to 6000 kg


Comparator Balances have a very high resolution of up to 52 million points and are distinguished by extremely high repeatability.

Supplier: Mettler Toledo


  • Ultra-high resolution
  • Excellent repeatability of results

These two features allow comparative weighings between a known reference weight and an unknown test specimen even if the weight difference is absolutely minimal. The main users of Comparator Balances for weight measurement are national standards mass laboratories, legal metrology services, in-house calibration laboratories, and weights and measures offices. These require absolute weighing with an extremely high resolution.


  • Maximum capacity: from 0,1µg to 6000kg
  • Types of comparators: Manual, Automatic, Robots

Product applications

  • Speed up weight calibration process
  • Quick and Accurate Volume and Density Determination