TurboMatrix HS Headspace Samplers

A complete range of samplers for better analysis

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Take advantage of the latest GC technologies with the TurboMatrix Headspace Sampler range.

Supplier: PerkinElmer


  • Fully autonomous, works with any type of GC
  • Balanced pressure
  • Available in 8 languages

The TurboMatrix headspace sampler range allows balanced pressure and unmatched sampling technology to meet your GC application needs. Available in either a single tube version or a fully automated version, these TurboMatrix thermal desorbers allow you to eliminate tedious steps and production errors related to the technique, allowing you to extract more information from your samples in less time. With their very intuitive touchscreens, you have an easy and total control of your sampler. Designed for the most demanding users, the TurboMatrix range offers many features and techniques which are very fast and easy to master. 

Available in versions 16, 40 and 110 HS, the TurboMatrix range allows even more analysis for your laboratory.


  • Minimum temperature: 15°C
  • Maximum temperature: 32°C
  • 3 models available: 16 HS, 40 HS, 110 HS

Product applications

  • Headspace analysis
  • Sample preparation for GC