NIR Food Analyzer DA 7300

Wheat and flour analyzer


The DA 7300 In-line NIR analyzer is an advanced, modern NIR analyzer for use in grain, flour, food and feed processing.

Supplier: Perten


  • Enables automatic process control
  • Allows immediate manual intervention
  • Faster start up and grade changes
  • Complete traceability of the entire production

The DA 7300 gives real-time information about the product as it is produced. You do not have to wait for laboratory measurements as the instrument gives immediate access to this information.


  • Measurement in real process time
  • Wheat and flour
  • Moisture, protein, ash, fat/oil, fibre and starch
  • Related to the enslavement of the mill

Product applications

  • The reception and recovery of cereals and oilseeds
  • Milling products
  • Feed
  • Other agri-food products