NIR Food Analyzer DA 7440

The Near Infrared Analyzer On-line


The DA 7440 is one of the most advanced, modern and versatile NIR analyzers for over-the-belt type measurements.

Supplier: Perten


  • Continuous measurement
  • Real time result updates
  • Process optimization
  • Production log

It performs in real time and measures components of the product on the processing line providing information for process control and quality monitoring. Continuous process monitoring helps users to increase efficiency and scrap and re-work whilst improving product consistency and quality.

The instrument performs simultaneous measurement of parameters such as moisture, fat, sugars, protein, starch, fibre and many others. The core diode array technology provides many benefits including durability, stability, accurate measurements of moving products and the ability to track process change.


  • Power requirements: 240VAC, 100W
  • Sensor weight: 12 kg
  • Cabinet weight: 24 kg

Product applications

  • Snacks
  • Food
  • Tobacco
  • Grains and Forages