NIR Spectrometer Inframatic 8800

For the determination of protein, moisture and oil in cereals and oilseeds


The Inframatic 8800 is the next generation of portable NIR instruments for protein, moisture and oil in cereals and oilseeds.

Supplier: Perten


  • Light enough to be carried and powered by 12V
  • Equipped with GPS
  • Protein maps can be made

When designing this instrument portability was considered allowing users to have the freedom to measure grain in-field, at grain storage sites and at grain processing locations. Its built in GPS allows you to generate protein maps of your fields which enables informed decisions to be made when it comes to harvesting.

With uncomprimising quality and built standards, the analzer provides you with accurate data that you can rely on.


  • Wheat and other seeds
  • 2 hour battery, powered in 12V
  • Field usage

Product applications

  • Harvesting
  • Wheat and other seeds analysis
  • Food industry