KINEXUS Rotational Rheometer

more rheology, less effort


Kinexus is a unique rheometer designed for tomorrow's rheology needs across all industries and application areas. 

Supplier: Malvern


  • Complete Complete sample historique
  • Plug and Play Accessories configuration
  • Multifunction environment controllers
  • Dynamic optimization of motor driving

Designed from the ground up, the Kinexus rheology platform is the result of more than four years intensive product development.

Kinexus enables you to precisely analyze the rheology, or flow and deformation properties of your materials: from liquids to solids. from processability to product performance. from from simple viscosity to complex viscoelastic parameters.temperature to time dependence.


  • angular velocity range: 10nrad/s - 500nrad/s
  • Motor inertia: <13µN.m.s
  • Frequency range: 6,28µrad/s - 942 rad/s
  • Vertical lift speed0,1 µm/s - 35mm/s
  • Gap Resolution : 0,1 µm

Product applications

  • Sol-Gel transition temperature
  • Transportations stability complex fluids
  • Evaluating product delivery characteristics from a bottle, tube or spray pack
  • Test Method For Viscoelastic Properties of Ink
  • Dependance of Viscosity on Concentration