Spraytec – Droplet Size Measurement

The new system for droplets size analysis


Malvern Instruments’ Spraytec is a laser diffraction particle size system specifically designed to address the unique requirements of aerosol and spray droplet characterization across a wide range of industries and applications.

Supplier: Malvern


  • Accurate Sizing
  • Synchrone measurements
  • No user bias
  • Easy of use of data interpretation

The Spraytec provides in-situ, real-time droplet measurements in a fully validated package, giving accurate, reproducible results time and again.


  • Size range:   0.1µm to 2000µm
  • Concentration range :  Patented Multiple Scattering Correction ( US Patent No. 5,619,324) enables operation at high concentrations.
  • Optical alignment system:  Automatic rapid align system
  • Accuracy: Better than +/- 1% on the Dv50 for NIST-traceable latex standards
  • Light source:   632.8 nm, 2 mW helium-neon laser.

Product applications

  • Understanding nasal drug delivery
  • Characterization of agricultural spray nozzles
  • Characterization of Agrochemical Atomisers
  • High resolution characterisation of fuel
  • Measuring sprays containing propellants or volatile components