Detective Range – Portable HPGe Detector

The most efficent portable gamma / neutron spectrometer on the market


The detector with its electrically cooled HPGe crystal is the ideal solution to detect, analyze and identify all radionuclides as efficiently as possible.

Supplier: Ortec


  • Easy to use - touchscreen, push button, warning lights
  • Long battery life (Battery backup)
  • More robust - resistant to dust and water
  • Subtraction of background noise

ORTEC’s Detective family was developed jointly with the US Army to provide a rapid and portable solution for the detection and optimal identification of radionuclides. Designed around a coaxial P type HPGe crystal (available type N): it is the fastest, most resolute and sensitive solution on the market.

The DETECTIVE family is made up of 7 products:

Detective X: Gamma spectrometer (HPGe crystal 65 mm x 50 mm), optimized 3Mev and neutron detector option

Detective X-8: Gamma spectrometer (HPGe crystal 65 mm x 50 mm), optimized 8Mev and neutron detector option

Detective-EX-100T: Gamma spectrometer (Crystal HPGe 65 mm x 50 mm) and Neutrons Detective DX-100T: Gamma Detection (Crystal HPGe 65 mm x 50 mm)

Detective 200: hardened model very high sensitivity (Crystal HPGe 80mm * 30mm) for difficult environment (resists to shocks, projection water and salt water …)

Micro-Detective: Gamma Detection (HPGe Crystal 50 mm x 40 mm) and Neutrons

Micro-Detective DX: Gamma Detection (HPGe Crystal 50 mm x 40 mm) enhanced resolution


  • HPGe detector 65 mm x 50 mm and 50 mm x 40 mm
  • Stirling low power consumption cooling and hardened cryostat
  • Measurement of dose rate with germanium detector for low values ​​and with GM for high values
  • Neutron Hex Detector Option
  • GPS, Wifi, USB

Product applications

  • Nuclear threats
  • Research
  • Medical
  • Decontamination