ISO-CART-II Mobile Measurement Solution

Allows gamma spectroscopy to be done outside of the laboratory


The ISO-CART range transforms your laboratory gamma spectroscopy into field spectroscopy. Designed around HPGE detectors, it incorporates suitable transport system, detector and electric or nitrogen coolers and ISOPLUS software.

Supplier: Ortec


  • For field gamma spectroscopy
  • Choosing detectors
  • Choice of cooling
  • Includes MCA and ISOPLUS software

ISO-CART-II is the Mobile Assay System for decontamination applications. The ISO-CART-II range includes three solutions:

ISO-CART II 85: Transport and orientation trolley ISCO-CART II, HPGe IDM-200-V spectrometer with integrated cooling, ISOPLUS software, ISO-2-IDM-SHD modular collimator

ISO-CART II with nitrogen cooling: This solution includes a suitable transport system, an HPGe detector to choose from (GEM 25 to GMX80) a dewar of 3 or 7 liters, MCA DigiDart and ISOPLUS software

ISOCART II with Detective: Adaptive transport system, Detective or Micro-Detective and ISOPLUS software


  • ISO-CART 85: ISOCART II transport trolley, IDM-200-V detector, collimators, PC, ISOPLUS and factory calibration
  • ISO-CART nitrogen: suitable transport system, detector to choose from, dewar, DigiDart MCA, ISOPLUS and factory calibration
  • ISO-CART Detective: Collimator and detective transport system, ISOPLUS software
  • Wide range of options: Collimators, distance measuring laser, sensor rotation module ...

Product applications

  • Site decontamination
  • Decontamination of object