POD Decontamination SM2000ID

Detects and identifies radionuclides


The SM2000ID is a nuclear decontamination detector for high performance gamma spectrometry to be adapted to different media.


  • Fast detection and identification
  • Easily adapts to multimedia
  • High temperature and humidity resistance
  • Offline software

The SM2000ID Nuclear Decontamination POD is a moisture protected spectrometry detector operating over a wide temperature range. Associated with the proprietary IPL software, it allows you to quickly identify the radionuclides present and implement the decontamination measures.

The POD can be adapted to several uses:

- On a moving robot
- On a telescopic rod
- On control vehicles

The SM2000ID is available with a wide range of detectors (CZT, Csl (Ti), Nal and/or neutrons) and is perfectly adapted to your needs.


  • Types of detectors: Csl, CZT and Nal
  • Battery operated
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Software GUI can be deployed on tablet, phone..
  • Environment: > 90% humidity and -25°C to +50°C

Product applications

  • Site decontamination
  • Environmental testing
  • Zone security (airports, ports, customs)
  • Equipment NRBCE