Alpha-Beta Automatic Chassis

An automatic meter adapted to your needs


Proportional gas counter, ultra-low background noise with or without window. HTDS offers the widest range of Alpha-Beta meters on the market to best meet your needs. 


  • Counts alpha and beta simultaneously
  • Report editor and identification of radionuclides (option)
  • Plastic dual Phosphorus sensor for gas-free operation (ASC-950-DP)
  • Radon Compensation / Rejection

The Alpha-Beta range of autosamplers offered by HTDS has been designed to adapt perfectly to the needs of your laboratory.

 WPC 1050: Very low noise gas proportional counter with passive and active anti-coincidence protection (Radon compensation).
IPC-650-HP: Very low noise and windowless proportional gas counter to significantly increase efficiency.
WPC 1150 GFW-3: Gas proportional counter 89mm to increase sensitivity and a sample window of 102mm diameter.
WPC 1150 GFW-5: Proportional gas counter 127 mm ultra-low noise with anti-cosmic protection to increase sensitivity and a sample window of 102 mm diameter.

If you do not have access to gas (example: intervention truck…), the solution of the ASC changer with plastic scintillator is the best solution:

ASC-950-DP: Counter with a ZnS scintillator and two Phosphorus plastic detectors that eliminate the need for gas.



  • Capacity: 50/100 plates
  • Plates: 5.1cm / 7.6cm or 10.2cm
  • 4Π plating and anti-cosmic shielding to reduce noise (<1cpm)

Product applications

  • Nuclear Industry
  • Radiation Protection Service
  • Environmental Measurement Service