Alpha-Suite Spectrometers

All-In-One Integrated Alpha Spectrometers


Alpha Spectrometers family

Supplier: Ortec


  • A complete instrument requiring vacuum, power and connection to a PC only
  • Internal advanced DIGITAL MCA and Digital Spectrum Stabilizer
  • High Quality Nickel-plated Brass Vacuum chamber, easily decontaminated
  • Computer controlled HV Supply and Calibration Pulser

The Alpha-Suite family  is able to address the needs of ANY counting laboratory, large or small, upgrading or just starting out for alpha spectrometry

We can use

  • one single channel NIM with Alpha-Aria
  • a dual channel benchtop system with Alpha-Duo
  • modular 2, 4, 6, or 8 input “Alpha Ensemble” systems for use in a rack or on a shelf with Alpha-Ensemble

Simple and fast USB 2.0 connection to computer

These spectrometry systems is able to use silicon detectors with a maximum area of 1200 mm².

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