Cryostat and Dewar

A wide range of nitrogen cooler for your HPGe and SiLi detectors


Our engineers will advise you on the best cooling system for your HPGe & Si(Li) detectors. 

Supplier: Ortec


  • Models compatible with Streamline and PopTop
  • More than 100 references available

HTDS offers a wide range of cryostat and liquid nitrogen Dewar to cool your detectors. The cooling system configuration depends on your system. Our product engineers are at your disposal to advise the most appropriate cooling system.

The proposed detectors have two possible connection configurations:

StreamLine: The detector capsule and the cryostat share the same vacuum, the selection will be made with a cryostat or cryostat/Dewar having an entry of diameter equivalent to your capsule detector (to keep the system completely hermetic).

PopTop: The PopTop capsule has been specially designed to keep at empty area independant of the cryostat. PopTop detectors are adaptable to all Dewar cryostats on the market, including our X-COOLER III.


  • Gamma spectrometry
  • Nitrogen Cooler