HPGe Detector Cooling System Möbius

All the advantages of Liquid Nitrogen coolingwithout the need for frequent refilling


The ORTEC Möbius Recycler technology provides “tried and tested” LN2cooling ofyour HPGe detector in a system where LN2requires refilling approximately onceevery other year under normal, continuous operating conditions.

Supplier: Ortec


  • Ability to achieve LN2 performance without the requirement for frequent system refilling
  • During a loss of input power, the Möbius will continue cooling the detector as if itwere a standard dewar.
  • A large 28 liter dewar improves the duration for cooling during a power loss andhelps extends the time between system refills.

This is achieved bythe integration of the Sunpower®CryoTel®cryocooler and a specially designed28 liter liquid nitrogen dewar. The Möbius Recycler provides an excellent strategy for managing countinglaboratories which have periodic power failures. A “smart” cooler controller senseswhen the Möbius is operating on an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) andautomatically disables the cryocooler to minimize the power drain. This feature allowsextended system operation when using smaller capacity UPS systems.The predictive “time to empty” LN2level monitor provides status regardless of mainspower loss. While your laboratory may be in the dark, you won’t be, when it comes toknowing “time to empty” of the LN2dewar.


  • Refill Period : After the detector is cool and the LN2is topped off, the Mobius system can run for up to 2 years or longerwithout filling.
  • Maintenance : Easily removable, washable inlet air filter. No other maintenance is required.
  • Remote Display : The remote display attaches to the system with an umbilical cord and can be remotely mounted to improvevisibility when the detector is placed in a lead shield.