ICS: Integrated Cryo-Cooler for HPGe

Remove liquid nitrogen from your laboratory


ORTEC's new HPGe detector chiller is revolutionizing gamma spectrometry, ensuring that your detectors perform exactly the same as nitrogen cooling without filling contractions.

Supplier: Ortec


  • Performance: Resolution equivalent to nitrogen in use -10 ° to 40 °
  • Accounting: All GEM, GMX and PROFILE sensors in multi-orientation and PopTop included
  • Economical: Low power consumption (70W), no maintenance and very quiet (55dB)
  • 2-year warranty with MTTF> 200,000 hours

The latest development from the ORTEC and SunPower merger, the ICS (Integrated Cryocooling System) is revolutionizing Gamma spectrometry.

The Stirling cooling technology combined with a new active vibration suppression (AVC) technology allows us to provide you with:

High-Performance solution: The resolution of your nitrogen-cooled detectors or ICS will be the same and no more need for thermal cycles.

Portable solution: All-in-one box, very low consumption (70W in standard environment) and operation from -10° to +40°

Silent solution: < 55dB at 1 meter

Secure solution: No more nitrogen handling, no maintenance and 2 year warranty

PopTop compatible solution: With your current ORTEC sensors: GEM, GMX and PROFILE in multi-position

Economic solution: No more need to have molecular filter or thermal cycle (time saving)

The ICS is a necessary part of any Gamma spectrometry measurements.


  • Stirling type cooler with AVC technology (anti-vibration)
  • Remote preamplifier
  • Low background noise option
  • Accounting with cover Aluminum, carbon fiber and Beryllium
  • Compatible for battery operation

Product applications

  • Laboratory gamma spectrometry
  • Embedded gamma spectrometry

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