Germanium Gamma Detector

High Purity Germanium Detector

HPGE Crystal

Wide range of ORTEC semiconductor detectors covering energy X-ray and gamma ray from a few hundred eV to 10 MeV and beyond.

Supplier: Ortec


  • Large Range of Energies
  • HPGe Detector (N or P Type) or SiLi
  • Big choice for the detector dimensions

These detectors are High Purity Germanium Detector (P and N-type) or  Silicon  Lithium Detectors (SiLi). These detectors are cryogenically cooled.

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Following a guide that will help you in your choice of detector for your application to the issues :

 How choose the detector - Download
  • N or P Type ?
  • Detector dimension ?
  • Relative efficiency against absolute Efficiency ?
  • FWHM ?
  • Pic/Compton Ratio ?
  • Countrate Limits ?
  • Low background Detectors ?
  • Sample Geometry ?

Germanium Detector

The High Resolution Gamma Detectors available in the ORTEC range
P Type Detector model GEMGEM
P Type Detector model ProfilePROFILE
N Type Detector model GMXGMX
Well Detector model GWLGWL
Detector model GLPGLP
Detector model SLPSLP
Special Detector Safeguard GEMSafeguards-GEM
Special Detector Safeguard PlanarSafeguards-planar
Isotopic neutron Detector PINS-GMXPINS-GMX
ACTINIDE-85 Germanium (HPGe) Lung Monitor DetectorActinide
Pipe Gage Monitor PGM-1PGM
Shallow-Hole Probe SHP-1SHP
Submergible Photon Detector SPD-1SPD
Actinide Wound Monitor AWM-1AWM


ORTEC detectors stocklist

Product applications

  • Nuclear spectrometry
  • Security of territory
  • Medicine

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