Scintillation Detectors NaI and LaBr3

Your gamma spectrometry at room temperature


Our NaI and LaBr3 scintillation detectors can be supplied with their PMT base photomultiplier or DIGIBASE including electronics (preamplifier, high voltage and MCA).

Supplier: Ortec


  • Optional photomultiplier
  • DIGIBASE and DIGIBASE-E integrated high voltage, preamplifier and MCA for optional photomultiplicator
  • Hardened version for difficult environments compatible

The NaI (Tl) and the LaBr3 (Ce) scintillation detectors offer a more economical and simpler solution than HPGe for gamma spectroscopy.

Our scintillation detectors are proposed mounted with a suitable photomultiplier (PMT base) and / or with the whole electronics of signal processing (DIGIBASE and DIGIBASE-E).

HTDS offers a wide range of scintillation detectors to best meet your needs:

NaI (Tl): the most widely used scintillation detector exists in different formats

LaBr3 (Ce): new generation of inorganic detectors, its resolution and its efficiency are improved compared to standard detectors NaI (Tl)


  • Size detectors LaBr3: 1 * 1; 1.5 * 1.5; 2 * 2 and 3 * 3 inch
  • Size detectors NaI: 1 * 1; 2 * 2; 3 * 3 and 4 * 4inch

Product applications

  • Gamma spectrometry