Gamma TEX-1600: Xenon Scintillation Gamma Spectrometer

The spectrometer suitable for the detection and identification of SNM


With the Gamma TEX-1600, protect your environment by detecting SNM threats quickly and with certainty.


  • Resolutions better than NaI detectors at low energies
  • Robust and vibration resistant
  • Transportable on the ground

The Gamma TEX-1600 is the first gamma spectrometer optimized for SNMs on the market. The TEX-1600 has been specially designed for the detection and spectrometry of low energies (e.g. U235, P239, Am241).

The Gamma TEX-1600 is designed around:

• A pressurized Xenon detector including two photomultipliers
• A nanosecond acquisition card ARKTIS WaveDream
• A software from MCA ARKTIS SpecXViewer


  • Resolution 18.7%@81Kev; 7.1%@511keV; 6.2%@662keV and 4.6%@1270keV
  • Efficiency: 90% @ 81keV and 70% @ 662keV

Product applications

  • Detection and characterization of SNM (Uranium, Plutonium ...)
  • Field analysis

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