IdentiFINDER R300

The smallest gamma - neutron spectrometer on the market


By combining gamma and neutron detection, IdentiFINDER R300 is an essential tool for agents responsible for detecting and identifying the presence of radioactive threats.

Supplier: Flir Systems


  • CdZnTe Solid Detectors and Tube He3 Detector (neutron)
  • DSP Digital Electronics
  • High precision and resolution to avoid false alarms
  • Identification function in an instrument of the size of a single individual radometer

The IdentiFINDER R300 (or nanoRAIDER) is a portable nuclear spectrometer (SRPD), it attaches to your belt and continuously detects any nuclear activity (from 100nSv / h to 10mSv / h). It will also allow you to quickly identify a wide range of radionuclides.
The unit is designed around three very high resolution (~3.5%) CdZnTe crystals.

Due to its small size and robust design, the IdentiFINDER R300 can be deployed on the vast majority of terrains and used by all beginners. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for protection missions and / or for nuclear site agents (dismantling, transport.. etc.).

The IdentiFINDER R300 is available in 2 versions:

IdentiFINDER R300 Z: Gamma identification

IdentiFINDER R300 ZH: Gamma identification and neutron counting 

Product applications

  • Combating the illicit transport of radioactive materials
  • Research and identification of misplaced industrial or medical sources
  • Detection of dirty bombs and enriched fissile materials

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