SAM III 945 Multi-purpose Portable Spectrometer

The portable Gamma spectrometer of it's time


A portable Gamma and Neutron spectrometer with high detection and identification performance. Perfectly suited to pushed and first level control for example.


  • Detect, locate and identify radionuclides
  • ANSI library (user-modifiable)
  • IP65 - battery > 8 hours
  • Communication Bluetooth and G3 / G4 if SIM card

The SAM III model 945 is a modern, ergonomic and portable gamma spectrometer.

The SAM III is a manual, fast and accurate instrument with 2 working modes: search and identification of sources. It is ideal for rapid detection and identification of isotopes in the field.

Using an application installed on a Smartphone, you will be able to easily carry out your contamination search and identify your radioactive source.

The SAM III 945 Portable Gamma Spectrometer is available in three models:

• NaI: resolution 7%
• CeBr: resolution 4%
• LaBr: resolution 3%

Each model is available with a neutron count. A PC interface also makes it possible to view and process the recorded spectra more easily.


• Laser pointer
• Integrated light
• Stabilization tripod



  • Energy range: 20keV - 3MeV
  • Automatic calibration and continuous stabilization
  • Visual, audible and vibrating alarms
  • DSP Digital Electronics

Product applications

  • Combating the illicit transport of radioactive materials
  • Search for misplaces industrial or medical sources
  • Detection of dirty bombs, enriched fissile materials
  • Cargo control, vehicles, drums and containers