Alpha Spectrometry Software

Alpha Spectroscopy Data Management and Analysis Software for the Busy Counting Laboratory


AlphaVision-32 V5.3 is the newest evolutionary advance in data management and analysis software for alpha spectroscopy in the "production environment".

Supplier: Ortec


  • A completely integrated and network-ready solution to alpha-spectroscopy needs, large and small
  • Flexible analysis modes and custom reporting
  • Microsoft Access® compatible database storage of data and results: Easy LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) interfacing
  • QA meets ANSI N42.23 and N13.30

The design of such a solution requires that it be as easy as possible to make the “same” analysis over and over with replicate samples, but with built-in flexibility for a wide variety of sample types. AlphaVision incorporates flexibility in analysis methods and reporting formats, industry standard data structures and connectivity to LIMS systems, as well as the ability to control multiple (up to 256) detector systems from a single screen.

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