Fission Meter – Portable Neutron Source Identifer

Detects and identifies concealed fissile materials


The Fission Meter is the most advanced detector and SNM source identifier on the market - it is the indispensable tool to combat the traffic of fissile sources (plutonium, uranium...); central elements to make dirty or nuclear bombs. 

Supplier: Ortec


  • Identification of fissile sources via several analyzes
  • Detects and identifies even with a very important background noise
  • Cosmic noise removal
  • Great ease of use

The new threats are making the authorities becoming increasingly vigilant. The Fission Meter can be used for the detection of fissionable materials used in “dirty bombs” or nuclear bombs.

These materials are neutron emitters (Plutonium, Uranium) and although some tools such as the Detective allow gamma-ray spectrometry to have the best identification, it is possible that the fissible materials are sufficiently concealed so that their gamma radiation is not detectable. Neutron detection is the only prevention solution. 


  • 30 He3 pressure sensors
  • Three modules: Detectors, acquisition system (FM-P3 electronics), and remote controller
  • Three modes of operation: Mobile search, static search (characterization), transfer of data to an expert station
  • Use 0° to 40° with humidity <90%
  • Complies with CE regulations

Product applications

  • Detection of fissile materials
  • Security of territory
  • Civil security
  • Customs