MCP ND 25 and ND 40 Neutron Imager

Developing your neutron imaging system


The MCP ND25 and ND40 neutron detectors are particularly suitable for the development of neutron imaging systems.

Supplier: ProxiVision


  • 2 sizes available: 25mm and 40mm
  • Very high detection efficiency for thermal and fast neutrons
  • Spatial resolution adapted to imaging (50μm*)
  • Low sensitivity to gamma radiation

HTDS offers you the new flat microchannel neutron detectors.

These imagers designed around MCP technology and its combination with Li7 and Bo10 coatings, MCP detectors allow the presence of neutrons to be imaged and integrated into cameras or any other detection system.

At the moment, HTDS offers detectors in 2 sizes:

ND25 (Active surface diameter 25mm): The ND 25 is the smallest member of our MCP neutron imaging detector line, providing a Phosphor screen output that can be observed with the naked eye or with a CMOS camera, which is suitable for training students or beam profiling.

ND40 (Active surface diameter 40mm): The ND 40 is the preferred format for most applications is offers excellent detection efficiency and a very good spatial resolution. It is particularly suitable for neutron radiography, training and tomography.


  • Active diameter 25mm and 40mm
  • Scintillator of Phosphorus type P46 fast for visualisation to the eye or with a camera
  • Optional high voltage power supply

Product applications

  • Nuclear research
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Safety
  • Biological tests