Neutron Spectral Controller

Detect, measure and analyze your neutron fluxes


Real-time detection, measurement and analysis system for fast neutron fluxes.

Supplier: ARKTIS


  • Robust and economical helium 4 detectors
  • Quick Acquisition Card
  • Software and computer included

HTDS offers ARKTIS the first Helium 4 system for the detection, control and analysis of fast neutron fluxes. The Neutron Spectral Monitor is a turnkey tool for analyzing your neutron flux, it consists of:

• 1 to 4 neutron detectors with helium 4
• A fast acquisition card
• A computer with N-Monitor software



  • Detectors: 71cm * 5.2cm
  • Collimators made of polyethylene

Product applications

  • Control and measurement of neutron background noise
  • Measurement of fast neutron levels
  • Time-correlated measurement to identify cosmic noise
  • Measuring flight times

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