Beta Particles Monitor AMS 4

A complementary unit of the Alpha 7A dedicated to beta particles detection


The AMS-4 is a Continuous Air Monitor (CAM) offering beta particulate, radioiodine or noble gas detection.


  • Detection of beta particles, iodine and rare gases
  • Continuous subtraction of background noise
  • Alarms of concentration, dose and activity

The Thermo Scientific™ AMS 4 provides an early warning to workers exposed to potential airborne releases of beta-emitting particulates. It’s lightweight and robust design accommodates both fixed and portable use applications.

It is compatible with Thermo Scientific ViewPoint Enterprise


  • Keypad: 18 keys, full numeric plus function keys
  • Reports both DAC and cpm
  • Printer: RS-232 serial DB9
  • Data log buffer: 2000 entries of combined concentration and status

Product applications

  • Fixed and portable applications
  • Radiation detection measurments