FHT59 serie Alpha Gamma Aerosol Monitor FHT59 Serie

A complete set of instruments for enviromental monitoring application, with aerosol sampling and analysis.


The FHT series is a set of ambient air monitors and meters for aerosols, iodine and nobel gas.

There are 5 available models in the range:

FHT 59C: Alpha and Beta aerosol counter on mobile filter

FHT 59E: Nobel gas meter

FHT 59 Ni: Specific Nucleide Counter

FHT 59 Si: Continuous Alpha/Beta control on diode Si

FHT 191/192: Ionization chamber for ambient dose rate

Product applications

  • Continuous aerosol filter control
  • Continuous control of gaseous iodine in atmosphere or rejection
  • Continuous control of Tritium in atmosphere or rejection
  • Beta meter, iodine and noble gas and neutron detector

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