STRIDE beacon to detect radioactive elements in queues

An intelligent detection beacon for the safeguarding of public places


The STRIDE sensing units have been designed primarily for safety installations in public places. 

Supplier: Flir Systems


  • Rapid detection of the presence of radioactivity
  • Quick and accurate identification of radioactive elements
  • Sensitivity level adjustable
  • Remote Connection

The STRIDE is a beacon dedicated to the detection of radioactive materials and threats. It has been designed to be integrated into most environments:

- Control of people in the queues (300 series) for places of transit (airports, ports, factories …)
- Monitoring of underwater radiactive elements (400 series), eg for plant waters or underwater discharges
- Control for fixed installation for machine outputs for example (300 series)

Designed around a NaI scintillation detector. It offers excellent sensitivity, even for low sources of radioactivity. The identification takes only a few seconds (variable according to the nuclide, the number of nuclides, the activity of the source, the background noise and the presence or absence of shielding) and the resolution is incomparable to a conventional plastic scintillator.

STRIDE Detector Model

Series 203.2: For fixed installation including power supply
Series 300: For mobile installation (battery, wireless communication) and more particularly for detection of threats on pedestrians
Series 400: System for underwater installation (waterproof to 50 meters)


  • Measurement range: 20 keV - 3 MeV
  • Dose Rate Range: 10 nSv / h - 100 mSv / h
  • Sensitivity of dose rate: 10 nSv / h
  • Neutron Detectance

Product applications

  • Securing public places
  • Control of hospital waste
  • Control of places of transit
  • Control of nuclear power plants