Contamination Control Conveyor TSA CM 267

For continuous monitoring


The CM 267 Conveyor Nuclear Contamination Detector can be optimized for the safety or industrial market.

Supplier: Rapiscan


  • 3 configurations: gamma, gamma and neutrons, neutrons
  • Installation in less than one hour
  • Compatible with TSA RAVEN (Rapiscan) and remote alarm option
  • Customizable visual, auditory and on-screen alerts

The contamination control conveyor is the ideal, fast and reliable tool for checking that objects or baggage do not contain radioisotopes. TSA CM 267 addresses two types of market: security (verification of the presence of SNM source) and industrial (rapid verification of the contamination of objects). Depending on your industry, the TSA 267 will adapt (adding neutron detectors for SNMs, increasing the size of the detectors).

Quick and easy to use, the TSA CM 267 is designed for continuous operation.

Detector type:

- Gamma: Plastic Detectors: 76 x 15 x 4 cm

- Neutrons: One or two detectors B10 or He3 


  • Detection gamma: 10g of uranium 235 (HEU) or 25g of Plutonium 210 in a noise of 20 uR / hr at a speed of 1m / s
  • Detection of neutrons: At 1 m, 200 g of plutonium in an armored container
  • Output relays to connect to your systems
  • Interface: Screen and Ethenet

Product applications

  • Nuclear security
  • Industrial detection of radioactive elements

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