FLASH RPM – Optimized Radiation Detection Frames SNM

Thanks to the FLASH technology, the false alarms are reduced to the maximum


FLASH RPM gantries benefit from the latest neutron and gamma detection technologies to secure your transit zone.

Supplier: ARKTIS


  • Improved uranium and plutonium (SNM)
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Absence of toxic or flammable sources
  • Replacement of He3 with He4

FLASH RPM detection gantries detect and identify a large list of prohibited radioelements. Designed with DARPA to equip transit centers (ports, airports, customs, transport companies…); the FLASH RPMs allow reliable detection with a minimum of false alarms (improved processing of coincidences and noise).

FLASH RPM radioactivity detection gantries are designed around 4 modules for optimized detection and identification:

- Plasma scintillators for gamma detection and analysis

- Helium neutron counter 4

- FLASH™ fast coincidence processing module


  • Two panels of 220Kg / system
  • Height of the panes 3.6m and separated from 4.6m

Product applications

  • Securing transit areas