Metal Detector and Radiation Gantry Detectors

Secure your infrastructures


METOR Radiation Protection allows you to simply allows you to simply secure critical infrastructure and avoid transferring sources.

Supplier: Rapiscan


  • Compatible with METOR 6M, 6E and 6S gantries
  • Gamma or gamma neutron versions
  • Automatically adjust background noise
  • Visual and audible alarm

HTDS offers you this complete protection solution that integrates metals, gamma radiation and neutron radiation detection. Designed around METOR 6M, 6E and 6S metal detectors, it will adapt to your environment (IP 41) and allow you to control the flow of incoming or outgoing people.


  • Dimensions 70cm * 230cm * 102cm
  • Pouds 127 to 140kg depending on the version

Product applications

  • Nuclear industry protection (CNPE, Manufacturers of sources ..)
  • Control of the nuclear transit center (Hospitals ..)
  • Research center protection
  • Event protection