Portable Radioactivity Detector PM700 for Pedestrians

The modular solution for the detangling of gamma and neutrons


Totally compatible with Rapiscan systems, the PM700 Gamma and Neutron Detector will adapt perfectly to your environment.

Supplier: Rapiscan


  • Gamma: Scintillator PVT
  • Neutrons: Detectors He3 or B10
  • Infra-red presence detection
  • False alarms typically inferior 1/1000

TSA’s PM700 Radioactivity Debarking Porch is a scalable and configurable solution to meet your needs.

PM700 Gamma: PVT Detectors

PM700 Gamma and Neutrons: PVT gamma detectors associated with two neutron detectors B10 or two/three detectors He3

The PM700 is also counted with the Rapsican RAVEN management software.


  • Plastic scintillator of 88.9cm x 25.4cm x 4cm
  • SNM Detection: 3g HEU or 0.08g Pu239 per gantry C1169 Cat III
  • RS232, Ethernet

Product applications

  • Personal Filters
  • Access to sensitive areas