Detective Remote: Mobile Solution HPGe Search for Radioactive Sources

The solution to fighting nuclear threats


The Detective Remote enables the networking of your HPGe portable spectrometers and improves the identification capacity of the Detective family modules.

Supplier: Ortec


  • Can be used with Detective 200, Detective 100T and Micro Detective
  • Software adaptable to all CONOPS

Developed in the 2000s, the Detective family (Detective 100T, Detective 200 and Micro-Detective) is widely recognized as the most effective portable solution for research and identification of radioactive sources.

Detective Remote is the solution for networking several modules. To meet the new needs of nuclear safety ORTEC evolves the solution of search of sources with the Detective Remote.

- Improved detection and identification performance: New algorithm of identification (library of more than 175 radioelements and automatic classification according to the source: threats or innocent)

- Networking of two or more Detectives

- Great flexibility of use:

          Cartography: Area radiological map (integrated GPS)
          Checkpoint: Monitoring of bridges, tunnels, points of entry..
          Pedestrians and/or vehicles: Detailed analysis
          Monitoring of buidings

- Economical solution

         Very few false alarms compared to other technologies (NaI, plastics..)
         Very fast analysis

- Identification mode for vehicles and boats


  • Meets ANSI 42.43 standards
  • DET-REMOTE-MOB-SYS: Laptop with pre-installed Detective Remote software, external GPS and MAESTRO to work with your current Detectives
  • DETDX-200-2: DET-REMOTE-MOB-SYS with two Detective 200
  • DETDX-200-4: DET-REMOTE-MOB-SYS with four Detective 200

Product applications

  • Area mapping
  • Check point
  • Securing of premises

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