On-Board Radiation Protection System MODES SNM

The solution for securing transit zones


MODES SNM the solution to secure your areas of transits (port, airport, railway station..)

Supplier: ARKTIS


  • Detectors adapted to your needs (Xenon, NaI, HPGe and He4 for neutrons)
  • Maintenance and low operating costs (He4 ..)
  • Installation in less than one hour by a person
  • Optimized for SNM (Special Nuclear Material)

The MODES SNM is a set of high performance detectors that allow the detection of radioactive threats (neutron emitters and gamma radiation). The main advantage of a high performance mobile tool is that is covers a wide area with a commonplace vehicle.

The detection part of the SNM MODE includes several detectors and will be adapted to your requirements:

- Gamma Detection: NaI detector, Xenon detector or HPGe
- Neutron Detection: High-performance Helium 4 Detectors
- Electronics and Acquisition software with false alarm reduction technology FLASH
- Batteries for an autonomy of 8 hours
- Vehicle adapted (type van)

There are three MODES on the market:

MODES SNM-monitor: Configured to analyze and search SNM sources in road traffic and freight zones (airports, ports…). The SNM MODE is stopped and/or slowly moving (in a container for example) and runs on battery power. A camera is adapted to SNM MODES.

MODES SNM-search: Search for radioactive sources while driving. This mode is suitable for detection during patrols or at slowdown points on road areas (highway, toll passage etc.). The MODES SNM is equipped with a camera, a distance measurer and a GPS reciever.

MODES SNM-mapping: Configured for radioactive mapping. This mode is suitable for decontamination and civil protection.


  • Uranium equivalent depletion of 29μCi or 4.4μCi
  • Plutonium equivalent depletion of 29μCi or 5.1μCi
  • Determination of neutrons 12000 or 20 000 n / s
  • Source speed 2,2m / s or 0,5m / s
  • Distance from source 3.7m or 1m

Product applications

  • Nuclear safety for transit zone
  • Nuclear safety for cargo, freight
  • Radiative zone mapping