On-board Radioactivity Research Module NaI-SS

Embedded system for real time localization of gamma and neutron sources


NaI-SS has been developed to locate radioactive sources (SNM types) in motion from cars, vans or planes.

Supplier: Ortec


  • High resolution 4 "- 4" -16" NaI (Ti)
  • He3 detectors for neutrons
  • Signal processing via the ORTEC DigiBase
  • NAISS-B32 software compatible with GammaVision

Developed by AMETEK ORTEC following the 9/11 attacks, the NaI-SS is a module for the detection and location of compact gamma and neutron sources suitable for vehicles (cars, planes etc.) in motion. NaI-SS is currently used in several countries to detect SNM threats.

The NaI-SS can be embarked on all types of vehicles and can be adapted to a location of moving and/or fixed sources.

Designed around detectors:

- One or two NaI detectors (Tl) to have a very good detectivity and gamma resolution.

- Two or four neutron detectors (He3) for concealed sources.


  • Source Detection of Cs137 from 10μCi to 3m moving at 16km / h
  • Source deduction of Cà60 from 17μCi to 3m moving at 16km / h
  • Source Detection of Cf252 (neutrons) 36 μCi at 3m moving at 16km / h
  • PC, GPS, Pelican type carrying case included

Product applications

  • Location of illicit mobile sources
  • Localization of lost sources