ATEX NORM Monitor-IS Contaminameter

Measure contamination of your industrial sites


The new NORM-IS was specifically designed for industrial sites handling radioactive materials (NORM classification).

Supplier: TRACERCO


  • 2 probes: Geiger Muller and NaI
  • Make your measurements of walls, tubes...
  • ATEX

The NORM-IS is designed to detect and measure the contamination of radioactive classified as NORM (enhanced natural radioactivity), which can be concentrated in these industries (industry of phthosphates, ceramics, foundries, water treatment, steel, petroleum…). It can be used in explosive atmospheres without any danger with its ATEX classification.

The NORM-IS has been optimized for a better detection and a good integration in your chain of control (hardened instrument, adjustable alarms…). Its probes geiger Muller and NaI make it possible to measure the contamination in difficult zones of access (Tubes ..).


  • Measuring range of the scintillator probe 0.000 to 50 μSv / h
  • Measuring range Geiger Muller 0.00 to 400 cps
  • Integration period from 5 to 6000 seconds
  • Battery for up to 190 hours of operation
  • IP65 module

Product applications

  • Industrial decontamination
  • Units of measurements: copus per second, Bq / cm2, μSv / h
  • Environment with explosive atmosphere