FH40 based surface contamination monitor

Universal electronics and multi probes set for surface contamination monitoring


The FH40 unit associated to one FHZ serie probe offers a high performance and upgradable contamination monitoring system.


  • The FHZ 382 probe is designed to meet the needs for field monitoring of alpha and beta radiation.
  • The FHZ 742 probe is used for measuring alpha and beta surface contamination.
  • The FHZ 732 probe is used for measuring alpha and beta surface contamination, when small and compact system is convenient

Les sondes à compteur proportionnel FHZ 732-742-382, couplées à l’unité d’affichage FH40, offrent une possibilité de couvrir les multiples de besoin en matière de recherche de contamination de surface, de la paillasse de laboratoire aux grandes surfaces de sol. The FHZ 732-742-382 range of probes, associated to the FH40 unit, offers the possibility to cover all the surface monitoring requirement, from the laboratory operator zone to the high dimensions floors.


  • Gamma response (Cs-137): approx. 40 s-1/(μSv/h) for FHZ 382
  • Gamma response (Cs-137): approx. 60 s-1/(μSv/h) for FHZ 742
  • Gamma response (Cs-137): approx. 4 s-1/(μSv/h) for FHZ 732

Product applications

  • Laboratory operator area control
  • Floor and large surface inspection
  • Research and Education
  • Nuclear industry and Medical