High Sensitivity T402 and T402-HR Radiometer

Simple, efficient and cost-effective instruments for your radiation measurements


The versatile T402 and T402-HR radiometers for high performance requirements are a cost-effective, easy to use and fast response solution for your radioactive contamination measurements (from 33 keV to 1.3 MeV and beyond)

Supplier: TRACERCO


  • Graphic and digital display μSv / h
  • Display of doses, accumulated doses and maximum doses
  • Battery operated (more than 100 hours of operation)

The T402 and T402-HR radiometers provide a simple, efficient and economical solution for measuring radioactive activity. Their range and sensitivity ensure your regulatory controls (<10 μSv / h) and your daily radiation protection missions. 

Used to detect radioactive sources and to control radiation levels, the T402 range is designed to work in all environments (outside, industrial…) and by non-specialist users.

Indeed the T402 are designed like tools; robust, intuitive and having an excellent grip!

The T402 will allow you to carry out your periodic inspections, your work studies, your zoning and your contamination checks.


  • T402: 59keV to 1332keV - sensitivity 1.7cps per μSv / hr
  • T402 HR: 33keV to 1332keV - sensitivity 0.7cps per μSv / h
  • Classified IP65

Product applications

  • Radiation Detection
  • Normative measures
  • Detection of contamination
  • Low-level measures