T406 X-ray Radiometer

Verify the conformity of your installations


The T406 radar meter developed by Tracerco is ideal for detecting and measuring the X-radiation emitted by your installations.

Supplier: TRACERCO


  • Optimized for X-ray radiation
  • Wide screen and programmable alarm
  • Graphical and digital signage
  • Resistant to liquid splashes

The TRACERCO T406 Radiometer has been designed to meet the testing needs of X-Ray and Gamma-emitting instruments (medical devices, safety instruments, etc.).

With its optimization of detection in low energies (from 17 keV) and its very fast response; the T406 will allow you to simply check the absense of leakage or the correct functioning of your systems.

Its low detection threshold and its wide range of energy will make it a reference device in France!


  • Range of detection: 17keV to 1332keV
  • Measuring range: 0-1000 μSv / h
  • Battery life > 100 hours in operation
  • 9V battery standby (PP3)

Product applications

  • Periodic or continuous inspection of your radiation emitting machines
  • X-ray and Gamma Detection