Inductance Decade Box

Simulate your inductance from 1μH to 10H


Wide range of inductor decade boxes to simulate accurate time values from 0.1H to 10H.

Supplier: IET Labs


  • Wide range of available values
  • Programmable or analog
  • High accuracy

HTDS offers a complete range of inductor decade boxes. From the programmable decade box to the simpler analogue box, our inductors are characterized by a high precision that allows you to check the calibrations of your measuring instruments and simulate for your circuits various inductances.

LS series: Three models for inductors from 50 μH to 10 H with a standard accuracy of 2%.

PLS series: Programmable range for simulating inductors from 1 μH to 10 H with an accuracy of 1%.


  • 1μH to 10H

Product applications

  • Calibration check
  • Practical work for students
  • Manufacture of circuits