Resistance Decade Box

For more reliable measurements everyday


HTDS offers one of the widest range of resistor decade boxes.

Supplier: IET Labs


  • Range from 1mOhm to 10Tohms
  • Accuracy up to 0.01%

HTDS offers a range of resistive decade boxes to best meet your needs.

RS Series: The series of resonance resistor allows to have a high precision resistance simulator on a range 0-1MOhms with resolution up to 0.01Ohms.

HARCH series: The HARCH series includes high precision resistor boxes with a range of 1mOhms to 111MOhms and precisions up to 0.01%.

PRS series: The PRS series includes programmable decade boxes in a range of 0 to 100MOhms with a resolutions of 0.1Ohms.



  • RS: 0 - 1MOhms
  • HARCH: 1mOhms - 111MOhms
  • PRS: 0 - 100MOhms

Product applications

  • Calibration check
  • Normative tests
  • Simulation of resistors

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