1905X Dielectrometer

A security tester that combines economy, security and performance


The 1905X dielectric range enables AC & DC dielectric tests to be performed and insulation resistances measured with 1 to 8 sequential analysis channels.

Supplier: Chroma


  • Three models from 1 to 8 channels
  • Security: OSP and automatic shutdown
  • Programming of voltage variations (ramp ..), limits
  • Remote control

The 1905X dielectrometer family consists of three electrical safety testers. This instrument family has been designed to provide the user with great ease of use and high safety (short circuit test, emergency switch-off of the instrument if current phase shift > 0.5mA).

Guardian 19052: For dielectric tests AC & DC and insulation resistance

Guardian 19053: Combines the same tests as the Guardian 19052 with 8 sequential measurement channels

Guardian 19054: Combines the same tests as the Guardian 19052 with 4 channels of sequential measurements


  • AC Dielectric Sensor: 5000VAC
  • DC Diaphragm: 6000VDC
  • Insulation Resistance: 1MΩ to 50GΩ with test up to 1000V
  • Mass Continuity Test
  • Arc Decoration

Product applications

  • Normative tests IEC, UL, TUV, CSA, EN
  • Safety Tests 60601-1